Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Center provide treatment services for substance abuse or other health issues?

​No, we do not provide treatment services. Our staff conducts research on substance abuse and health issues and publishes information on these topics through fact sheets and other materials. For more information on treatment resources, Click Here.

What topics does the Center research?

​The Center studies a broad spectrum of issues and their sociological impacts, including substance use and abuse, health and behavioral health, violence prevention, and the criminal justice system.

Where can I find information on current and past projects?

​To learn more about our current and past projects, Click Here.

Does the Center provide funding for research or other projects?

​The Center does not provide research or project funding but we share information on available funding sources through our website

Does the Center partner with other organizations on research?

Yes. The Center collaborates with local, state, and national organizations on a variety of projects. For more information on our partnerships, Click Here. If you are seeking a partner for a grant or project and would like to explore a collaboration, please email:

How can I contact the Center for Drug and Health Studies?

Please contact us by:


Phone:   302-831-6107

Fax:       302-831-3307

Mail:      Center for Drug and Health Studies

             257 E. Main St., Suite 110

             Newark, DE 19716

Directions to the Center for Drug and Health Studies