NREPP Correctional Therapeutic Community (CTC)

Correctional Therapeutic Community (CTC)

Correctional Therapeutic Community (CTC) for Substance Abusers is an in-prison residential treatment intervention for incarcerated offenders who have histories of multiple drug-involved arrests and chronic substance abuse, are eligible for the in-prison work release program, and are 6 months from prison release. It is designed to reduce any type of rearrest, increase abstinence from illicit drug use, reduce illicit drug use relapse, and increase postrelease employment among participants. The 6-month intervention is provided as part of a work release program in which participants become residents in an in-prison work release therapeutic community facility separated from the rest of the prison population. Below are a few key documents about CTC:

More information about the Correctional Therapeutic Community (CTC) Program, can be found on the NREPP site.