College Risk Behavior Survey (CRBS)


The College Risk Behaviors Study (CRBS) is an annual survey conducted in collaboration with Student Wellness & Health Promotion. The survey is distributed every Spring semester to a random sample of full-time University of Delaware undergraduates. The CRBS has been administered for many years, beginning in 1993 as part of the Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study. Over the years, the CRBS has evolved and expanded from focusing primarily on alcohol to including a wide range of topics such as: other substance use; mental health; interpersonal violence; sexual assault; sexual health knowledge and practices; more inclusive demographic indicators such as LGBTQ and disability status. Results from this survey are used to support UD programs that improve student health and wellbeing, inform the University community of student behaviors, promote data-driven decision making, and provide research opportunities to UD students, faculty, and staff.