The Delaware Journal of Public Health July 2021 focuses on the theme of  Technology and Public Health. CDHS team members James Highberger and Sharon Merriman-Nai highlighted several of the Center’s projects in two articles.

The Value (and Nuances) of Mapping as a Public Health Tool describes the potential benefits of mapping technology to analyze health needs and the resources available to address these needs. However, it also points out that its value is impacted by the availability and quality of the data as well as how geographic areas are defined. The article includes examples of how CDHS and Delaware stakeholders have used mapping for public health initiatives throughout the state, including the Delaware Opioid Metric Intelligence Project (DOMIP) and the development of substance use heat maps using Delaware School Survey data.The mission and history of the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup is described in What is the Delaware SEOW? The SEOW, facilitated by CDHS on behalf of the Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, includes a network of more than 100 representatives of over 50 organizations throughout the state that work to promote the use of data in behavioral health prevention and treatment.